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Junk Car Removal Services in Brooklyn NY

7 days a week there’s someone here ready to start the vehicle removal process. Simply provide the details and our vehicle removal specialists take it from there while you sit back and relax. You won’t wait long, most unwanted vehicles are removed within 24-48 hours, some even on the same day you contact Brooklyn Junk Car removal service


There is no cost for that, it will be free towing with fast service, all 5 borough. This is a Brooklyn Towing Service.

Do you have a disabled car in your driveway that hasn’t moved for years? Is there a junk vehicle behind your garage that is collecting dust? Do you need to jump start the car every time you want to move it ? Now ther’s no excuse not to get rid of that unwanted vehicle. We offers FREE VEHICLE REMOVAL so you can finally remove your broken car and improve the look of your property. Take advantage of our hassle-free junk car removal service to dispose of your unwanted vehicle today.

Junk Car Removal Brooklyn NY
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Junk Car Removal Services in Brooklyn NY

We've Been Removing Junk Cars For 20+ Years

Three things you need to know:

  • We recycle 98% of your old junk car or truck.
  • Waste oil from your old car or truck is recycled. Nothing goes to waste.
  • Not only do you help save the environment, but you save time because we come to YOU!

At no additional or hidden fees, With a fast and professional team we will help you stop paying for your used car and get it out of your yard

  • We accept all cars – even if it’s not running
  • We will take your car within 24 hours from your call, or less!

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal Services NY
Junk Car Removal Experts

We have the tools and the know-how to remove your annoying junk car from wherever you want, to wherever you want. If you like us to get rid of it and turn it into a box of metal, we have the capacity to do that as well.

Remove my Junk Car Brooklyn
We'll Pay Cash

We’ll pay cash for your junk car. We might reuse some of the parts in it for other cars we are working on, if they are in good condition and if our auto repair client agrees with this approach – most of the times we are will just scrape it in the junk yard. Easy.

Car Wreck Removal Services Brooklyn
Competitive Pricing

We believe in fair and honest pricing. We won’t be low balling you into selling us your junk car for less of it’s worth. But you have to also understand that we mostly talking about a junk car here, most of the times it doesn’t run, and we tow it for you at no extra charge.

Junk Car Removal

That junk car you have sitting there won't move itself, let us get rid of it.

Are there mise that live in the tailpipe? Did you just forgot about that car and moved on with your life? We know the feeling. Life gets busy and some things being pushed to the backseat. Let us take care of this junk car for you.

Our guarantee for you is fast ETAs. Our goal is to be there in 20min or less.

Our team of great mechanics and tow truck operators have a combined 20+ years of hands on experience.  

Every time you put your car in our hands you know you’ll get nothing short of amazing results back. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

We won’t charge you an arm and a leg to get you back up and running – our rates are very reasonable,

How to reach us from Prospect Park Brooklyn?

Fort Hamilton Pkwy and New Utrecht Ave
2.5 miles
via 13th Ave/Raoul Wallenberg Way
2.6 miles
via Ocean Pkwy and 13th Ave/Raoul Wallenberg Way

Let Us Remove Your Junk Car Once & For All

With a reputation like ours, you can not go wrong. 1000s of people can not go wrong. Give us a call today and let us help you get on the road ASAP.

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